Hydraulic oil cooler application range and power unit and working principle

- Jun 13, 2019-

Hydraulic oil coolers are commonly used in excavators, concrete pumps, fine sand pumps, boom pumps, truck pumps, pile drivers, trenchers, rotary drilling rigs, pavers, trenchless equipment, air compressors, road rollers. Transfer the medium.


How does the hydraulic oil cooler work?


Hydraulic oil cooler products are primarily used on the circuits of hydraulic systems. During operation, the high-temperature oil in the hydraulic system flows through the hydraulic oil cooler device, and performs high-efficiency heat exchange with the forced flow of cold air in the heat exchanger, so that the oil temperature is lowered to the working temperature to ensure that the main machine can continuously perform normal operation and work. Can be carried out smoothly.


Application range and power unit


Working pressure: normal working pressure 1.6MPa; design working pressure 5MPa according to user needs; allow hydraulic oil temperature 120°C, power device: A, AC motor AC380V, AC220V; B, DC motor DC24V, DC12V; C, hydraulic motor 8ml/r ~12.5ml / r; D, explosion-proof motor AC380V, DC24V.