Hydraulic Oil Cooler Principle and Constitution and Its Applicable Scope

- Aug 24, 2017-

The hydraulic oil cooler, as its name suggests, is a device used to cool the hydraulic oil, so it is called a hydraulic oil cooler. And its from the property point of view, but also belong to the cooler of this category. So what are the basic understandings and understandings of this kind of cooler? Here, will come to explain and answer this question, which can also let everyone have a preliminary understanding of it.

hydraulic oil cooler

1. Applicable range of hydraulic oil cooler

Hydraulic oil cooler, which is mainly used to cool the cooling of the hydraulic oil, so as not to oil temperature is too high and problems. Therefore, it can be used in the hydraulic system circuit, and thus, can be used in some machinery and equipment, such as excavators, piling machines, rigs, air compressors and paver, etc. In addition, in a variety of pumps, Can also be used.

2. The structure of the hydraulic oil cooler

The hydraulic oil cooler, which is composed of a housing, a heat pipe, a fan, and the like. Specifically, it is in the shell with a heat pipe, and its only and out of the mouth, it is outside the shell. The heat pipe, usually in series in the hydraulic equipment on the atmospheric circuit. In addition, there are fans and cooling windows on the shell. So, its structure is very simple, not complicated.

3. Hydraulic oil cooler working principle and working pressure

Hydraulic oil cooler, which works is: when the cooler work, the hydraulic system of high temperature oil flow, and forced flow of cold air for efficient heat exchange, which makes the high temperature oil cooling To the operating temperature, so that you can ensure that the equipment can be continuous normal operation, so as to avoid excessive oil temperature problems.

Hydraulic oil cooler working pressure, its general, under normal circumstances, is 1.6MPa, its upper limit, is 5MPa, if more than, then, there will be a variety of problems. Moreover, it also has a lower limit, therefore, it can not be lower than this value.

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