Identify the quality of aluminum water cooling plate

- May 28, 2018-

The aluminum water cooling plate is one of the indispensable core components in the water-cooled radiator. Its quality will directly affect the cooling effect of the entire equipment. So what method do we usually use to identify the quality of the aluminum water cooling plate? What needs to be noted in this process?


The first is to look at the material of the aluminum water cooling plate. The practical aluminum is more cost-effective than the copper alloy, and the cost is relatively low. However, it must be ensured that the material of the aluminum is up to standard, and no impurities or obvious defects exist. This will directly reflect the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum water cooling plate raw materials.


Followed by the aluminum cooling plate process, even if the material is no problem but the process is different, the effect of the radiator is very different. Look at the process to start from two aspects. On the one hand, whether to carry out production according to the design drawings. Check the parameters indicated in the drawings with a vernier caliper. Error within 0.05 mm can be regarded as qualified. If the requirement is high, it can reach 0.02 mm. Accuracy.


Another point is the work of the aluminum water cooling plate, because the process of burying the aluminum plate through the copper tube will create a problem of adhesion. If there is a gap between the two, it will affect the cooling effect and even leak water.


There is a process in which the copper pipe and the aluminum plate are connected together through the buried pipe, and then processed by the grinding or flying surface process, so that the entire water-cooled heat-dissipating plate forms a flat plane, and the judgment of the quality is also possible from this plane. Smooth, whether the copper tube and the aluminum plate have merged into a single plane, gaps or unevenness will affect the cooling effect.


Through the above aspects can be roughly judged a radiator aluminum water cooling plate pros and cons, if the requirements are higher, you can also ask for heat measurement data, through the data to determine is more accurate. Of course, this method is suitable for mass production of radiator aluminum water cooling plates.