Industrial oil cooler of the correct operating practices

- Sep 28, 2017-

Industrial oil cooler is also a commonly used heat transfer equipment, which can mainly play a role in cooling, cooling, in the industrial application is very extensive. However, in the actual operation process, sometimes because of improper use of artificial oil cooler on the adverse consequences, it is required to further regulate the industrial oil cooler operating specifications.


Before the start of the industrial oil cooler, the relevant inspection work is essential, the focus is to check whether the various parts of the device is connected accurately, whether with the actual work needs. If the inspection process found abnormal, it should be promptly excluded.


After the inspection, remove the plug in the oil outside the industrial oil cooler, and then slowly close the oil inlet valve; when the oil overflow, open the oil valve, screw on the plug, which is to provide the industrial oil cooler Need the power - hydraulic oil, so that it can start and run normally.


At the same time, unscrew the cylinder in the industrial oil cooler line, and then slowly close the inlet valve; when the water is full, open the inlet and exhaust cylinders. At this time, the industrial oil cooler in the water and oil will be in a state of motion, after the heat exchange after the time difference gradually smaller.


The water temperature down 5-10 , open the industrial oil cooler in the ice water and oil discharge valve, and then gradually open the cooling water and oil into the valve, so that cooling water and oil in the activities of the situation. After adjusting the flow of cooling water and oil, so that the oil measured to maintain the normal working conditions.


If the industrial oil cooler work in the event of failure to stop the operation in a timely manner, the specific way is to open the oil and cooling water into the valve, and then open the oil and cooling water discharge valve, and then unscrew the drainage, , Will be accumulated in the oil cooler water and oil exclusion.


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