Installation position and cleaning method of Screw air compressor cooler

- Sep 30, 2017-

Screw air compressor cooler As the name suggests, is designed specifically for the screw air compressor and the design of the cooling equipment, because the screw air compressor operation will produce a certain amount of heat, if the heat can not be distributed in time, it will lead to screw air compressor Abnormal temperature rise, resulting in a variety of serious adverse consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to set a dedicated screw air compressor cooler.


Screw air compressor cooler is usually installed in the top or side of the air compressor, located in the compressed air pipe; and commonly used screw air compressor cooler in two forms, namely, air-cooled cooler and water-cooled cooling Device. Regardless of the screw air compressor in which the work, need to be reasonable maintenance, because the screw air compressor cooler for a long time after use, the surface of the equipment will be covered with dust, or its water, calcium, magnesium and other heavy Carbonates in which the formation of scale, so that the air compressor into the exhaust temperature, the air can not be cooled to a predetermined temperature, resulting in screw air compressor high temperature machine


The maintenance of the screw air compressor cooler should be carried out in accordance with the environmental conditions, to promote the compressor in the normal temperature work to ensure that the machine has a longer life. Generally every 1500 hours should be cleaned outside the air-cooled cooler, every 1500 hours should be cleaned water-cooled cooler water side.


If you are using the air-cooled cooler as a screw air compressor cooler, then stop before maintenance and confirm that the pressure has been released, pull down the power switch; then open the windshield to clean the cover, or remove the cooling fan; Blow the dirt with compressed air and then drain the dirt out of the windshield. When you can not clean up with the above method, you need to remove the screw air compressor cooler, soaked with a cleaning solution or spray and wash with a brush.


And if the screw air compressor cooler is water-cooled cooler, then also line down and confirm the pressure has been released, pull down the power switch; followed by open the cooling water into the water pipe, into the cleaning solution soaked or pump Circle scour, clean and then rinse with water. If the screw air compressor cooler fouling more serious, you can separate it clean.

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