Introduction of Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler

- Sep 18, 2017-

Gear box is kind of device which turn one direction rotation of engine into driving force of vehicle , make vehicle going forward or backward ,it is indispensable system for any vehicle .
 No matter manual gear box or automatic gear box , it contains wheel gear、bearing、sensor etc . Transmission oil circulate around gear box to lubricate and even to clean the working parts .
During work ,transmission oil will be passed with heat by parts in gear box , reduce its viscosity ,affect normal functions slowly  .so it is necessary to install a transmission oil cooler.
Auxiliary transmission oil cooler reach the cooling purpose with heat exchange of cooling water , it can be made of copper or aluminum . it is often tubular heat exchanger , located in downside tank of water radiator . some will be stack layer structure with air cooling which mounting in front of radiator .
From two ends(inlet&outlet connector)can interconnect with all passages of auxiliary transmission oil cooler ,but auxiliary transmission oil cooler with current technology can not effectively increase area of section for coolant passage and oil passage , then reduced its cooling performance accordingly .

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