Introduction of Hydraulic oil cooler & its constitution and application.

- Sep 04, 2017-

Hydraulic oil cooler ,apparently it is kind of part which can cool hydraulic oil down ,so it is called hydraulic oil cooler .what do we have to know about this item initially ? then next is more to follow up.

Hydraulic oil cooler.jpg

1.Main application
Hydraulic oil cooler is used in oil return circuit , reducing temp of oil quickly .if temp is too high ,it will cause oil low viscosity and further malfunction . Machines such as excavator、pile driver、drilling machine 、air compressor 、paver  ect .  Furthermore , also suitable for  all kinds of pump machines .

2.Constitution of hydraulic oil cooler
Hydraulic oil cooler are formed by shell or core、oil tubes 、fan etc .  oil inlet&outlet connectors are outside of shell ,inside are oil tubes . fan and hood are attached with cooler . so it is simple as we see.

3.Operating principle&working pressure
Operating principle: when cooler works ,hot oil flow into cooler ,will heat exchange with cooling air ,then push overheated oil back to normal working temp ,so ensure machine can operate in good condition in case of malfunction due to overheat of hydraulic oil .The working pressure normally for hydraulic oil cooler is 1-1.6Mpa , maximum is 5Mpa in theory .

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