Introduction of state-of-art radiator

- Sep 25, 2017-

Our company recently launched a new product of water radiator . it will be breakthrough for heat exchange industry . replacement for current aluminum plate and bar or shell tube cooler, especially for large water radiator and high pressure oil cooler!

 FTC cooler for explosion-proof vehicle.jpg

What is new ?

1. This new radiator has applied patent ,it will be made without brazing ,tube thickness can be made according different working pressure ,it is stronger enough compare with traditional radiator or oil cooler .

2. This new radiator is formed by hot extrusion ,cutting and process by unique technology. Fluid tube thickness is about 0.7-1.2mm ,it also produced reinforce bar inside fluid tube during hot extrusion. Thickness of turbulator is 0.2-0.4mm.

3. Cross section is straight line and arc ,vertical section is wavy ,it can increase streaming ,then improve cooling capacity largely .


What are the differences with traditional radiators or coolers?

1. Heat exchange efficiency is 10% better .

2. It is more durable and strong during transport or harsh working conditions.

3. Do not worry about leakages nearly .

4. After treatment of anodic oxidation ,our product can be used for 10years .

5. Max dimension can be 4X4meters ,working pressure can be up to 100bar .


This large aluminum radiator is suitable perfectly for radiators which work at oil drilling and wind power plant and heavy vehicles or road machines .

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