Main application range and working environment of brazed aluminum plate fin heat exchanger

- Jul 20, 2019-

Brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger is a high-efficiency, compact and low-temperature heat transfer equipment. It has the characteristics of complex design theory, high fin forming precision and integrated soldering. It is especially suitable for multi-stream and heat transfer process. There is a heat transfer requirement for phase change.


Brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers are mainly used in low-temperature air separation equipment, natural gas processing and liquefaction equipment, petrochemical production and tail gas treatment, and large-scale refrigeration equipment. In particular, in a flow device for separating gases, the product gas and the exhaust gas are reheated by heat exchange with the material gas.


Brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers have a maximum working pressure of more than 100 bar gauge and can be instinctively adapted to a full vacuum design environment. However, high pressure environments require manufacturer size limitations and thicker components. A single heat exchanger can have more than 12 fluids from minimum to maximum pressure. The maximum operating temperature is typically 65 ° C, manufacturers can use the more economical 5083 aluminum alloy pipe. At lower pressures, the design temperature can be as high as +204 °C. Design temperatures in excess of 65 ° C are common. The minimum design temperature is -269 °C.