Material characteristics and application of the air cooled aluminum radiator

- Dec 09, 2017-

The air cooled aluminum radiator has good heat dissipation effect in the practical application. As we all know, in many production work, with the operation of the equipment, there will produce a lot of heat. If not timely dissipate the heat, it will lead to abnormal temperature rise in a short period of time, which will lead to abnormal operation of the whole system, and even be very dangerous. So many occasions will choose the air cooled aluminum radiator for heat dissipation.


In fact, there are many types of radiator products in the market at present, not only be different in the structure, but also have difference in manufacturing materials. If the temperature is high for a long time, it will not only lead to unstable operation of the system, shorten the service life, and even cause some parts to burn. Therefore, it is necessary to use a radiator for heat dissipation, to absorb these heat, in order to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. So what are the characteristics of using air cooled aluminum radiators?


First of all, analyzing from the material, at present in the production of air cooled aluminum radiator, the main materials used are 6063, 6061 aluminum alloy profiles. Its size is mainly determined according to the actual requirements of the user for production. In the practical application, the equipment can achieve the effect of efficient heat dissipation, and can be applied to various working environments, and can achieve the effect of stable heat dissipation.


In order to guarantee the service effect and prolong the service life of the air cooled aluminum radiator, it can be properly surface treated if necessary. When packaging, it is generally required to ensure safety, stability and quality packaging.


In comparison, the air cooled aluminum radiator not only has good heat dissipation performance, but also has smaller volume, lighter weight and more convenient transportation and installation. In short, the air cooled aluminum radiator has the advantages of high overall strength, large heat storage capacity, quick heat conduction and good heat dissipation effect, and is suitable for various working environments.