Motorcycle radiator principle and structure

- May 07, 2018-

Motorcycle radiators and car radiators are the same in principle and cooling technology. There are some differences in the installation location and use.


The motorcycle oil radiator is placed in the cooling water circuit and connected in series before the main oil gallery. When the cooling water flows outside the pipe, the lubricating oil flows in the pipe. When the oil temperature is high, cooling is performed by cooling water.


The structure of the motorcycle radiator includes horizontal and vertical inlet and outlet tanks, as well as the pipeline between the tanks. These three constitute the radiator body and have a mesh cover on the front side of the radiator. In order to play a protective role, there is a suction fan on the back side surface. In addition, there is a stock tank. This type of motorcycle radiator has the main advantages of small size, compact structure, and easy installation and low cost.