Oil cooler heat exchanger main role and advantages

- Dec 21, 2017-

In the industrial field, we often need to use a variety of heat exchanger equipment. One of the oil cooler heat exchanger in the hydraulic system and lubrication system is quite common. As an oil cooling device, the oil cooler heat exchanger can heat exchange between two fluid media with a certain temperature difference so as to reduce the oil temperature and ensure the normal operation of the system.


According to its application effect to analyze, oil cooler heat exchanger has shown a lot of obvious advantages. First, the device has a large heat transfer area. This is because the device's heat transfer tube is threaded brass design, so you can ensure adequate contact area, because of this, the heat transfer equipment than the average smooth heat transfer tube to be higher.


Second, for the user, the oil cooler heat exchanger than the average heat transfer effect. This is because the copper tube used in the device is directly sintered by the copper tube to heat the tube so that the heat transfer is good and stable so as to prevent the problem of poor heat transfer caused by the solder joint falling off. In addition, the equipment is also particularly used in the performance of the heat transfer tube - the use of good thermal conductivity of 99.9% pure copper, the most suitable for cooling cooling pipe.


Third, in practical applications, this oil cooler heat exchanger can meet the requirements of large flow. This is due to the reduction of the number of heat-transfer tubes of the device, thereby increasing the fluid area of the oil and preventing the pressure loss. At the same time, its interior is equipped with partitions to guide the flow, can produce bending flow, growth process, improve work efficiency.


In addition to these advantages described above, the oil cooler heat exchanger also has the advantages of simple assembly, high heat exchange efficiency and small pressure loss. As the oil cooler heat exchanger also incorporates an integrated design, it also solved the problem of oil spills.