Oil Coolers Installation and Role

- Aug 03, 2017-

The oil coolers is used in the process of accelerating the heat of the lubricant oil, so that it can be a certain degree of effective to maintain its lower temperature device. Oil coolers installation of its main purpose is to effectively avoid the oil The temperature rise will directly lead to the weakening of its lubrication.

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The oil cooler can be effectively divided into two types: water-cooled and air-cooled, when used in the water cooler. Between the heat exchange, the high-temperature oil cooling, which is the use of its vehicles in the process of running the air flow on the oil for effective cooling.

Oil cooler installed in the cooling water, in the course of the use of the cooling water can effectively use the temperature to effectively control the temperature of its lubricating oil, when the lubrication of the temperature is too high, will effectively rely on Its cooling water to cool down.

When the engine is started, in this case, it will absorb heat from the cooling water so that the lubricating oil will rapidly increase the temperature, the oil cooler is made of aluminum alloy shell, the front cover, the back cover and the copper tube composition. In order to strengthen the cooling, tube and set the heat sink.

The cooling water flows outside the pipe, the lubricating oil flows in the pipe, and the heat exchange is carried out. There is also a structure in which the oil flows outside the tube, and the water flows again. Oil cooler in the process of cleaning its cleanliness requirements are very high, under normal circumstances the finished oil cooler cleanliness requirements are impurity weight less than or equal to 1 mg.

Oil coolers cleaning of its quality assurance department of the cleaning process is very important, in the course of the operation must be controlled from the source, the quality of the risk will be stifled in the cradle, the cleaning process of cleaning parts of the raw materials are Steel, copper parts.

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