Oil cooling performance

- Jul 13, 2017-

1, wide heat transfer area: the cooler of the heat pipe with copper pipe design, the contact area is wide, so the heat transfer effect than the average smooth heat transfer tube to high.

2, good heat transfer: This series of copper tube is directly rotary copper processing, so that the integration of heat transfer tube, so good heat transfer and indeed, there is no loss of solder joints caused by poor heat transfer.

3, can be suitable for large flow: the number of heat transfer tubes to reduce the use of smooth fluid area increases, and can prevent the pressure loss. With a baffle guide flow, can produce bending flow, growth process, to play a role.

4, a good heat transfer tube: a good thermal conductivity of 99.9% copper, the most suitable for the cooling of the cooling tube.

5, no oil: because the tube and the body with integrated design, you can avoid water and oil mixed with the troubles at the same time in the factory before the airtight test is indeed close, it can achieve the purpose of leakage.

6, easy assembly: foot can be free to turn 360 degrees, for the body to replace the direction and angle of the assembly, through the foot can be directly welded in the machine or tank any location, both convenient and simple.

7, spiral guide plate to guide the oil into a spiral continuous uniform flow, to overcome the traditional folding heat generated dead ends, high heat transfer efficiency, pressure loss.

8, the flow of two processes and four processes, the flow of large flow (baffle large lead) small flow (baffle small lead), variety, to meet the various requirements.