Oil drilling platform radiators maintenance and use requirements

- Feb 03, 2018-

Oil drilling platform radiators during use can effectively increase the air flow rate and flow through the radiator, so that it can effectively enhance the cooling capacity of its radiator and cooling engine accessories. Fans are mostly axial, mounted on the engine and the radiator, and pump coaxial drive. The fan is screwed to the pulley or flange on the front of the pump shaft.

Oil drilling platform radiators maintenance

1. Oil rig platform radiators should not be used with any acid, alkali or other corrosive nature.

2. Oil drilling platform radiator in the process of using the proposed use of soft and hard water to be softened to use, to avoid internal blockage and scale the radiator.

3. In the use of antifreeze, in order to avoid corrosion of the radiator, be sure to use regular manufacturers and meet the national standard long-term anti-rust antifreeze.

4. Radiator water and then completely re-injection, the first engine cylinder body to turn on the water switch, the water flow out, and then closed, so as to avoid blisters.

5. In daily use should always check the water level, to stop cooling after adding water. Add water, slowly open the water tank cover, the operator should try to stay away from the water inlet to prevent scalding caused by high pressure steam oil nozzle.

6. In winter to prevent icing caused by the rupture of the core, such as long-term parking or indirect parking, the water tank cover and drain switch, the water all released.

7. Depending on the actual situation, the user should completely clean the radiator for 1 ~ 3 months. When cleaning, rinse with water along the reverse windward side.