Open temperature and system pressure of truck charge air cooler

- May 21, 2018-

During the operation of the truck charge air cooler, the water pump will rotate, which will effectively increase the pressure of the coolant to a certain extent. This will promote the forced circulation of the coolant to a certain extent. The coolant removes heat from engine blocks, cylinder liners, cylinder heads, and other parts.

When the coolant in the truck charge air cooler does not reach the temperature at which the thermostat is turned on, the water pump rotates to generate pressure, which effectively directs the coolant in the radiator through the water pump into the water channel of the cylinder. Up through the cylinder head waterway. After a small circulating water pipe back to the pump. This is the legendary cycle. The small cycle is just that the coolant circulates inside the engine.

The coolant temperature of the truck charge air cooler reaches the thermostat opening temperature. The thermostat valve closes the bypass water circuit of the small circulation pipe. The coolant will pass through the thermostat and flow into the radiator water room. The hot water is sucked by the fan. The forced cooling of the air stream dissipates a portion of the heat. The coolant, which has dropped in temperature, is left in the radiator room and is pumped into the cylinder to participate in the cooling cycle. The coolant circulates heat between the engine and the radiator, which is called a large cycle.

Under the effect of the pressure of the cooling system of the truck air cooler, part of the hot water will be led out from the outlet water pipe of the cylinder head, enter the heater radiator, and flow through the heater radiator core under the action of the fan heater. The heat carried by the coolant is carried away by the wind blown by the heater fan. The hot air blows through the air supply duct to the window to defrost or blow out from the damper to warm the cab. The cooling liquid cooled by the heater radiator is returned to the water inlet pipe of the pump through the outlet pipe and re-participated in the cycle.