Performance check and better design of plate-fin heat exchanger

- Jun 10, 2019-

The plate-fin heat exchanger is mainly used in the process of working with three aspects: good design, fine production and perfect inspection to ensure product quality. In order to improve the quality of China's plate-fin heat exchangers, close to the progress of similar product technology, JB/T "aluminum plate-fin heat transfer" was developed with the aim of strengthening testing as a means, technical data as a basis, and improving product quality. Technical conditions.


The inspection and test of plate-fin heat exchangers are mainly divided into parts quality inspection and performance inspection of finished products.


(1) The quality inspection of parts is mainly the inspection of the finished product performance of the fin geometry and dimensional accuracy, mainly the visual inspection of the brazing quality and the test of technical performance.


(2) Appearance inspection is to check whether the size of the bundle after welding is within the specified allowable range, and whether the brazing joint of the bundle has defects such as accumulation, erosion and deformation of the solder.


(3) Technical performance inspections are required for cleanliness testing, non-destructive testing, pressure and compactness testing, and dryness inspection. The fluid flow performance test and the medium for a heat exchanger in which a plurality of units are connected in series or in parallel are heat exchangers which are inflammable and explosive and have special requirements for compactness.