Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Composition and Application

- Aug 21, 2017-

Heat exchanger, it can be said that it is a wide variety, so, want to come to a comprehensive understanding and understanding, then, each of its categories, are to be familiar with and understand, so as to achieve their goals. Therefore, the following will be one of the plate fin type of this, to introduce its description, so that we learn through, to familiar with this kind of heat exchanger.

Plate fin heat exchanger

1. Plate fin heat exchanger application

Plate fin heat exchanger, which is a kind of heat exchanger, which is from a professional point of view, it is a small size, light weight, and can handle two or more media and other advantages. And, its appearance, is the heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency, increased by a level. Therefore, it is in the petrochemical, natural gas and other industries, is widely used.

2. Composition of plate fin heat exchanger

This kind of heat exchanger, in its composition, mainly has partitions, fins, seals and guide pieces and so on. Also, between the adjacent two baffles, the fins, baffles and seals are woven so as to form an interlayer, which we call the channel. Further, according to their different fluids, they are stacked and brazed together, thus forming a plate bundle, that is, the core components of the plate fin heat exchanger.

3. Plate fin heat exchanger characteristics

(1) Since the heat exchanger has fins, it has a large heat transfer coefficient, and the fins and fins have good thermal conductivity, so that the heat transfer efficiency It is very high.

(2) Plate fin heat exchanger manufacturing process requirements, is very strict, so that both can guarantee the quality of finished products, but also for each production process, but also to ensure the quality of production.

(3) Compact, light weight, and adaptability. In the material, it can be made of steel, copper or some composite material, there are many options to meet the different requirements. In addition, it is suitable for a variety of fluid heat transfer, as well as phase change heat, therefore, in the application, is to meet the needs of large-scale equipment heat transfer. In the production mode, it can be for stereotypes or mass production.

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