Precautions when using a screw air compressor cooler

- Apr 12, 2018-

When the screw air compressor cooler is used, care must be taken not to place it in the sun, rain, wind, or a location where the relative humidity is greater than 85%. Screw air compressor coolers must not be placed in dusty, corrosive or flammable atmospheres. Do not place it in a place where there is vibration or condensation. Do not get too close to the wall to avoid poor ventilation.


The screw air compressor cooler must be used in a corrosive gas environment. Care should be taken to use a desiccator with a copper tube or a stainless steel heat exchanger type desiccator. Should be used at ambient temperatures below 40°C.


When the screw air compressor cooler is used, the compressed air inlet cannot be connected wrongly. In order to facilitate maintenance, to ensure the maintenance space, bypass piping should be provided. To prevent air compressor vibration transmitted to the dryer. Pipe weight should not be added directly to the dryer. Do not stand upright on the drain pipe, do not fold or flatten; the allowable fluctuation of the power supply voltage is less than ±10%. A suitable capacity of leakage breaker should be set. Must be grounded before use.


With regard to the use of screw air compressor coolers, the compressed air inlet temperature is too high, the ambient temperature is too high (above 40°C), the used flow exceeds the rated air handling capacity, the voltage fluctuation exceeds ±10%, and the ventilation is poor (winter also requires replacement Gas, otherwise the room temperature will also increase) Under such circumstances, the protection circuit will play a role, the indicator light off, stop running.


When the screw air compressor cooler is used, the vent for this dryer should be cleaned once with a vacuum cleaner every month. Turn on the power and wait until the operation is stable before turning on the compressed air. After stopping the operation, it must wait more than 3 minutes to start. When the screw air compressor cooler is in use, it should always check whether the temperature of the condensed water is normal. All the above items have noticed that the use efficiency of screw air compressor cooler equipment will also be guaranteed.