Radiator buckle and fan speed adjustment

- Jul 13, 2017-

The emergence of multi-function buckle kit, not only enhance the scalable performance of the radiator to meet the needs of different platform users, but also to win more when the market share increased chips, can be described as multiple purposes. And in order to make their own products with high heat dissipation and mute both advantages. Many in the high-end air-cooled radiator are equipped with a fan speed adjustment device. In the adjustment mode, mainly divided into automatic adjustment and manual adjustment. Which automatically adjusts, with the match with the use of the platform, the fan will be based on the ambient temperature and the degree of CPU load to automatically adjust. And manual adjustment, it is the user according to their needs through the governor to manually control the speed. Because the CPU temperature is often higher than the temperature control fan set point, so the manual adjustment is more suitable for quiet users.