Radiator fan shroud function

- Mar 24, 2018-

For a radiator with a turbo fan, the radiator fan shroud will also appear to be more important. Because the turbo fan is oriented and the wind is strong, the air hood is closed and the air duct is strengthened. Need to blow the wind outside the chassis. If there is no such fan cover, then the wind will blow away from the radiator and blow into the chassis to reduce the wind pressure and reduce the heat dissipation effect.


Immediately after the investigation, we also discovered that in addition to the radiator fan shroud, the fan cover can also be used for cooling and exhausting air conditioners, motors, exhaust fans, radiators, fans, generators, and diesel engines. And ventilation protection. Its material is made of low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire 201, 304, 316, etc., through bending forming, fine welding grinding, surface treatment and other processes.


Radiator fan cover surface treatment, the main is that it will include dipping, electroplating, hot plating, spray; electrolytic polishing and so on. After being processed, the radiator fan cover is relatively beautiful in shape when used. In this case, the solder joint is firm, the overall structure is relatively good, and it is characterized by corrosion resistance, no rust, and easy cleaning.


Including the radiator fan shroud, the fan cover used in air conditioners, motors, exhaust fans, fans, generators, diesel engines, its main role is to protect the heat dissipation, exhaust ventilation, and ventilation of the above devices, and When it is actually applied, it can increase the efficiency of the equipment.


Finally, when it comes to radiator fan covers, it does not necessarily have to be used for protection against heat dissipation, ventilation and ventilation. For example, for MARS cards, because the fan is sandwiched between two PCBs, two PCBs are already Constitutes a closed air duct, so the above fan cover is just to protect the PCB and make the card look more cool and LOGO, but in the actual life and production design, the radiator fan cover plays a less decorative role.