Radiator fan shrouds with different shapes

- Dec 04, 2017-

At present, when we choose the heat dissipation equipment, we often pay more attention to the size, rotation rate, heat dissipation holes and so on. The radiator fan shroud is rarely taken into account. In fact, the shape of the radiator fan shroud is very important to the amount of air intake, and therefore we hope that everyone can attach importance to this problem.


In other words, the surface of the radiator fan shroud seems fairly unimportant, but in fact, the impact of the component on the air flow is relatively large, and to some extent, it affects the operation noise of the fan. At present, there are basically three types of the fan shrouds in the market, which are cobweb modeling, honeycomb modeling and barrier modeling. So, what effect does these different modeling have on the air flow? Let’s understand the specific content.


At present, there are many users will be more inclined to choose the cobweb modeling radiator fan shroud. In comparison, this kind of modeling fan shroud is simple, beautiful and generous, and the effect is also good. With the development of the market, in the choice of this structure, the manufacturers also continue to improve and optimize it. For example, the warp can be improved so that the air volume can increase, while it also plays a role in reducing noise.


In addition, there are also many users will give priority to the honeycomb modeling radiator fan shroud. In order to further improve the use of this  fan shroud, some manufacturers specially change the size of the aperture gap. For example, you can increase the aperture gap properly, so that the air volume will naturally be more.


There is also a barrier modeling radiator fan shroud. In fact, this kind of design inspiration comes from people's life. This type of fan shroud is not only strong, but also better in the ventilation capacity, so the air intake is naturally good. In short, different types of radiator fan shrouds have different characteristics. It should be flexibly chosen combined with the actual needs in the practical application.