Radiator new material

- Jul 13, 2017-

The new heating radiator, according to the different materials are divided into steel radiator, aluminum radiator, copper radiator, copper and aluminum composite radiator, aluminum composite radiator, stainless steel radiator, etc .; according to product features are divided into (Single row, double row), fin heatsink (double-sided fins, single-sided fins), finned heat dissipation (double-row, three-post, four-post) (Ring fins, square fins), according to the heat is divided into radiation radiator, convection radiator and so on. Commonly used new heating radiator is a steel column radiator, steel tube radiator, aluminum alloy wing airfoil radiator, copper and aluminum composite column airfoil radiator.

Due to the characteristics of the material itself, aluminum alloy acid and oxidation resistance, but prone to alkaline corrosion; steel high strength, ability to alkaline, but prone to oxidation corrosion; copper corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance is better, but the water sulfide Too much or excessive copper will be corrosion, and copper mechanical strength is low. The state requires aluminum radiator and wall thickness of 2.5 mm below the steel radiator, must be anti-corrosion treatment, coating anti-corrosion coating, and aluminum radiator must use special non-metallic or bimetallic composite pipe, shall not make The aluminum thread is connected directly to the steel pipe to prevent electrochemical corrosion.