Screw Air Compressor Cooler Cleaning Steps and Chemical Cleaning

- Mar 17, 2018-

After the screw air compressor cooler is used for a period of time, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and other heavy carbonates in the equipment will form scales in the equipment, which will directly lead to the intake and exhaust temperatures of the screw air compressor cooler. To a certain extent, air cannot be cooled to a predetermined temperature, so it is very important to clean the air compressor cooler.


Screw air compressor cooler cleaning steps

The screw air compressor cooler stops and to a certain extent effectively confirms that the pressure has been released, effectively pulling down the main power switch, opening its air deflector to clear the cover, or removing the cooling fan. During operation, blow back the dirt with compressed air, and then take the dirt out of the cowl.

Screw air compressor cooler if relatively dirty, in the operation when you need to spray some degreasing agent and then blowing, when you can not use the above method to clean the air compressor cooler, you need to remove, soak with cleaning solution Or spray and wash with a brush. Install the cover or cooling fan.


Screw air compressor cooler cleaning chemical method.

When the oil cooler fouling is serious and the above method is not ideal for cleaning, you can remove the oil cooler separately, open the two end caps, and use special steel brush or other tools to remove scale. Chemicals can be used to remove scale.

During the cleaning process, dilute hydrochloric acid solution can be prepared first, and 5-10 KG hydrochloric acid can be effectively added to 100 KG water during operation. Generally, the dilute hydrochloric acid tank is placed at the bottom of the cooler, and the bottom of the device is connected with a skin. Pipe to small water pump, the water pump and the cleaned cooler channel constitute a loop circulation.