Screw air compressor oil cooler cleaning requirements and the use of precautions

- Sep 21, 2017-

Screw air compressor oil cooler after its long use, the equipment of water calcium, magnesium and other bicarbonate substances in which the formation of scale, which will make the air compressor cooler water calcium, magnesium and so on Bicarbonate substances in which the formation of scale, so that the air compressor into the exhaust temperature.

Screw air compressor oil cooler in the air can not be cooled to a predetermined temperature, so the air compressor cooler cleaning is very important, air compressor cooler cleaning chemical method, when the oil cooler fouling more serious The above method is not ideal to clean up, you can separate the oil cooler, open the two end caps, with a special cleaning steel brush or other tools to remove scale, chemical method can be used to remove scale.

Screw air compressor oil cooler in the process of cleaning, the need for dilute hydrochloric acid solution, the effective 5-10KG hydrochloric acid added to 100KG of water, so dilute hydrochloric acid tank on the bottom of the cooler, so that the bottom of a hose To a small pump, so that the pump and the cleaned cooler channel form a loop.

Screw air compressor oil cooler pump after the start with dilute hydrochloric acid solution for circulation cleaning, the general cleaning about 6 hours. If the winter cleaning, the solution can be heated to 70-80 degrees to speed up the cleaning speed and improve the cleaning effect. Dilute the hydrochloric acid solution after cleaning, remove the liquid, and then rinse with water. In order to prevent acid corrosion, can be re-5% soda solution for 10 minutes, and finally rinse with water.

Screw air compressor oil cooler in the use of the need to pay attention to more things, equipment must not be placed in the sun, rain, wind blowing place, do not place in the dust more, corrosive and flammable gas In the environment, do not place it in a place where there is vibration and condensate is frozen.

Screw air compressor oil cooler compressed air imports do not get wrong. In order to facilitate maintenance, to ensure that maintenance space, should be set bypass pipe. To prevent the vibration of the air compressor to the dryer. Piping the weight not directly on the dryer.

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