Small motorcycle radiator types

- Jan 02, 2018-

On the small motorcycle radiator, the market is more common in the main air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled three types. In fact, the cooling technology used on motorcycles and cars are basically the same principle, which is mainly to ensure the normal operation of the engine, so as not to be damaged due to overheating. Of course, different models of small motorcycle radiator will have different adjustments.


This is mainly to ensure the reliability and stability of driving as much as possible. Among them, the cooling effect of water-cooled motor scooters is relatively good, which is an ideal cooling method. Its main advantage is that it can effectively dissipate heat for engines with high power and high speed. However, if you use this cooling method, then you need to assemble a water tank, the structure is more complicated.


In contrast, the oil-cooled small motorcycle radiator cooling effect is more stable. This cooling method is actually mainly through the oil radiator to achieve cooling effect. There is a good advantage to using this type of cooling method, which is that you can rest more on the muddy road without worrying about the cooling plate being affected by mud.


However, from the current market conditions, small motorcycle radiator is mainly used in the form of air-cooled cooling. When using this cooling method, the engine used needs to have high heat resistance. And the engine will be designed heat sink, mainly to increase the contact area of the engine and air, so as to achieve faster cooling effect.


After the above introduction, I believe we all have understood that, in fact, regardless of which form of small motorcycle radiator, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. In other words, only with proper, it can take the maximum heat, to ensure that the engine at the best temperature work. For example, some motorcycles are water-cooled + oil-cooled small motorcycle radiator.