Stacked plate transmission oil cooler working area

- Mar 08, 2018-

Stacked plate transmission oil cooler in the process of operating the need to effectively maintain its oil temperature within the normal working range, the high-power enhanced engine, the operation will be due to heat load, must be installed with a stacked plate Transmission oil cooler. Engine operation, due to the viscosity of oil thinner with increasing temperature, reducing the lubrication capacity.

The viscosity of the Stacked plate transmission oil cooler is, to a certain extent, an important property of the oil, which determines the formation of the oil film to a great extent during the operation. If the viscosity is too large, the oil can not diffuse quickly on the friction surface , Not easy to form a continuous and uniform film, resulting in increased diesel engine friction loss.

Stacked plate transmission oil cooler in the operation of its viscosity is too small, so that may not form a reliable film, the emergence of its semi-liquid friction, reduce the lubrication effect, it will directly lead to the decline in the carrying capacity of diesel engines, oil viscosity will be Changes in its temperature changes, the temperature increases, the viscosity decreases.

The viscosity index of the oil in the stack plate drive oil cooler is mainly determined by comparing two standard oils. Viscosity index above 85 is called the high viscosity index, less than 45 for the low viscosity index. High viscosity index, indicating that the viscosity of the oil with temperature changes to a small extent, it has enough viscosity at high temperatures, viscosity at low temperatures is not too high, so good quality oil.