Structural design requirements of water cooling plate radiator

- Jan 22, 2018-

In order to ensure the use of water cooling plate radiator effect, which should pay special attention to the structural design of the water-cooled plate. In general, the material of the water-cooled plate, the sealing effect and the welding method and so on will all affect the performance of the water-cooled plate radiator in varying degrees. Let's understand the specific content below.


First, on the choice of materials. Under normal circumstances, the water-cooled plate radiator water-cooled plate materials include aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Among them, the most widely used aluminum materials. This is because, in comparison, aluminum has a lower density and a higher thermal conductivity, and the cheapest among the three. Therefore, the overall high cost of aluminum material.


Second, on the sealing requirements. For now, the water-cooled plate radiator water-cooled plate sealing methods include O-Ring sealing and welding. The former is generally used in some less stressful situations, and also needs to consider the problems of high temperature resistance and anti-aging. Welding enables the entire cold plate to be integrated so that high reliability and durability can be achieved. Welding methods include vacuum brazing, friction stir welding and the like.


Currently in the water cooling plate radiator water-cooled plate welding process can be carried out in different ways. More common are nitrogen brazing, vacuum brazing, argon arc welding and friction stir welding. Generally based on material and thickness to choose the appropriate welding method. Such as nitrogen brazing and vacuum brazing is usually applied to thin-walled products, the quality of small products.


In addition, taking into account the layout of the flow channel, so when the structural design, usually with upper and lower plate combination. The base body and the cover are connected by means of welding to form an integrated water-cooled plate of the water-cooled plate radiator. It should be noted that the water cooling plate radiator water-cooled plate welding surface and the pipe joint hole is best to avoid the heat-absorbing surface.