Talking about the application of the new compressor cooler

- Mar 23, 2020-

The practical application of the cooler aims at the problems existing in the application, and fully collects the relevant technical data of each gold-producing enterprise and conducts production site investigations. According to the practical operation requirements of the air compressor, it is determined that its operating conditions are as follows: the planned pressure in the equipment is 0.9 MPa, the planned temperature is 150 ° C, the medium is compressed air, the corrosion margin is 1.0 mm, and the welding joint coefficient is 0.85; the planned pressure in the cooling coil is 1.0 MPa , The planned temperature is normal temperature, the medium is tap water, the corrosion margin is 0mm, the welding joint coefficient is 0.85; the full volume of the cooler is 1.05m3, and the container type is Ⅰ.

Plan the new compressed air cooler according to the working conditions: (1) Fill 6 sets of φ25 × 2.5mm seamless tube coils in the φ800 × 1200mm cylinder of the cooler. The cooling water enters from the upper inlet of the cooler and enters from the bottom. The outlet is discharged; the compressed air enters from the lower pipe of the cooler and is output from the upper pipe; the cooling water exchanges heat with compressed air and then achieves the purpose of cooling; (2) detailed equipment planning using the original base of the after cooler And satisfied with the requirements of the equipment; (3) the planning of equipment and equipment is based on the principle of not destroying the original concrete foundation, and it is best to choose a steel structure; (4) based on the equipment requirements of the compressed air pipeline and cooling water pipeline, select Appropriate seamless pipe and connecting flange; (5) Select a suitable secondary safety valve to meet safety requirements; (6) Overall commissioning after the equipment is in place to meet production requirements.

According to the practice of equipment and equipment, improve the problems existing in the planning process, such as: the height of the legs of the cooler is not reasonable, and the stability of the cooler is increased by lowering the height of the equipment; a sewage outlet is set at the lower part of the cylinder In order to discharge the pollutants in time before the compressed air enters the air storage tank; a safety valve and a pressure gauge interface, a device safety valve, and a pressure gauge are installed on the upper part of the cylinder to monitor the pressure and temperature changes to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment Sex.

Speed measurement can use the contact mechanical tachometer to directly measure the speed of the motor and ventilator; non-contact infrared photoelectric sensors are gradually selected. An optional wind speed sensor can be used for air volume parameter measurement: the original cup sensor for climate measurement has a measurement scale of 0.5 ̄30m / s. The wind speed of the wind cup is linearly related to the actual wind speed within the range, and it completely satisfies any measurement points in the wind The speed of the sensor is determined by the sensor. The photocell or Hall element principle is used for signal processing. The wind cup outputs a fixed pulse signal for each rotation of the wind cup for counting and processing. The host can print the actual wind speed measured by each sensor. Peaceful mean. The arrangement of the sensors is shown in the rectangular wind measurement section.

Computer program control stage Since the 1990s, automatic instruments for measuring the function of mine ventilator equipment have come out one after another and have been continuously improved. The ventilation and safety function measurement system developed by the Ventilation and Safety Research Office of China University of Mining and Technology at the end of the last century has been widely used in many coal mines and has achieved complete success.