Technical conditions and strict cleaning of the brazed aluminum plate and bar core

- Nov 18, 2017-

The brazed aluminum plate and bar core is very beautiful and has luminous luster, is the first application of surface pretreatment technology in the industry. It will mill the matrix alloy and cladding alloy ingot. In order to be able to ensure that there are no such defects as aluminium scrap, slag inclusion, surface crack and transportation, the surface oil, dust and metal oxide film are strictly washed by physical and chemical methods.

With the prerequisite of ensuring the product quality, the brazed aluminum plate and bar core needs to make the product be silvery white and has luminous luster and beautiful appearance.The products mainly use the seamless welding in the production process. Good fluidity and no bubble in welding.

The brazed aluminum plate and bar core can be welded together with most of the aluminum alloys during making, and can be connected to other metals or ceramics, filling up all the gaps. There are no gas holes, cracks, weld beading and so on. The welded joint surface is bright, filling angle is uniform, smooth circle, excessive arc.

The anodic oxidation of the brazed aluminum plate and bar core

In the production process, the aluminum material through the surface pretreatment under certain process conditions, the basic surface will occur anodic oxidation, forming a layer of dense, porous, strong adsorption force of the Al203 film layer.

The hole sealing of the brazed aluminum plate and bar core

The membrane pore aperture gap of the porous oxide film formed after anodic oxidation is closed, so that the anti-pollution, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the oxide film are enhanced. The oxide film is colorless and transparent, using the strong adsorption of the oxidized film before sealing, the deposition of some metal salts in the film hole, can make the aluminum surface appear many colors, such as black, bronze, golden yellow and stainless steel color.