The cleaning steps and advantages of the screw air compressor cooler

- Nov 10, 2017-

The screw air compressor cooler should be cleaned periodically according to the environment, so that the compressor can work at the normal temperature, and can ensure the service life of the machine.

When the screw air compressor cooler is blocked by foreign mater, the exhaust temperature of the compressor will continuously rise. Generally, it is necessary to clean the outside of the air-cooled cooler every 2 months, and clean the water side of the water-cooling cooler every 2 months.

The periodic cleaning of the screw air compressor cooler has a lot of benefits:

1. It can make the screw air compressor cooler always work under the ideal temperature (about 95 degrees below). This can have a lot of benefits to the performance and life of the machine.

2. The screw air compressor cooler can clean the dirt by using the cleaning liquid. Otherwise, when the dirt is thicker, the cleaning work is quite troublesome, it is necessary to remove the cooler, and use the mechanical method to complete the cleaning work.

The screw compressor cooler needs to confirm whether the pressure has been released after the shutdown, and then pull the power supply switch. Use the wind scooper to clear the cover or remove the cooling fan. Blow the dirt off with compressed air and remove the dirt out of the air deflector. If it is dirty, some degreasing agent should be sprayed. When the above methods cannot clean up, the cooler needs to be removed, soaked or sprayed with cleaning solution, and cleaned with the aid of a brush ( strictly prohibited to use a wire brush ).

Water-cooling cooler :

1.Disconnect the inlet and outlet pipe of the cooling water.

2. Inject the cleaning solution to soak or scour by the pump circulation(The repercussion effect is better).

3. Rinse with water.

4.Install the inlet and outlet pipe of the cooling water.

When the scaling of the oil cooler is serious, and the above method is not ideal, the oil cooler can be removed separately. Opening two end caps and clean the incrustation scale with special cleaning steel brush or other tools. When the temperature of the cooler media side cannot be lowered, the oil side needs to be cleaned.

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