The difference between square head and round head radiator

- Jul 04, 2019-

The radiator can be divided into two types: square head and round head. They each have their own advantages, and the essential difference is not very large. The steel square head radiator looks calm and atmospheric, its pressure resistance is strong, the installation and maintenance are convenient, the exterior color is bright, the choice of styles is diverse, the cost is relatively moderate, the application range is wide, the convection is distributed, the comfort is more, the thermal efficiency is also Will be higher, low carbon and energy saving.


Moreover, it can be arbitrarily decorated on the radiator, and some small ornaments or flower pots can be placed on the top, and the whole room can be decorated without affecting the heat dissipation of the radiator, which plays a role in finishing the finishing touch.


The steel round head radiator has a good circulation of water, which is a small sliding head in the room. The smooth surface does not easily drop dust, and it is very convenient to clean. It also has good pressure resistance, easy installation and maintenance; and the round head design is modern, making the home look more fashionable. Consumers who are looking for home design can choose according to their needs.


Whether it is a round head or a square head radiator, the biggest difference lies in the decorative effect and aesthetic habits. There is no difference in production technology and quality.