The important parameters and installation site illustration of the hydraulic oil coolers

- Oct 23, 2017-

The hydraulic oil cooler refers to a cooling device that cools the hydraulic oil. The corresponding parameters are working pressure and hydraulic oil operating temperature, as well as some important parameters of the motor. In addition, the parameters also include the hydraulic motor, which can not be ignored.


The installation position of the hydraulic oil cooler, generally speaking, is on the return line of the system. It will be installed in the cooling  system of some large equipment, or a hydraulic system with serious heating, which is the core part of the cooling system. It mainly maintain the heat balance of the hydraulic system, in order to keep the system temperature normal.


In the hydraulic oil cooler, for the tubular cooler, the material it used, is aluminum which is better from the comprehensive performance. Because it has fast heat dissipation speed and is not easy to corrode. The oil inlet and outlet holes on the hydraulic oil cooler have some requirements, at least, can not be reversed or mixed. Moreover, in the cooling water pipeline, there is one-way device, to make a distinction.


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