The installation site and advantages of periodic cleaning of the screw air compressor cooler

- Oct 16, 2017-

The screw air compressor cooler also has difference in the  air - cooled and water - cooled, which is appropriate to be installed on the top or side of the air compressor in general. Specifically it is installed in the compressed-air line to obtain good cooling effect.

The screw air compressor cooler needs to be cleaned regularly. Because after a long time use, there will be a blockage, affecting the normal operation and use of the cooler. The specific cleaning time is based on the use environment.

The advantages of periodic cleaning of the screw air compressor cooler are summarized in the following two points:

1. The screw air compressor can be kept at the ideal working temperature, so that the equipment has a good working status. It is also greatly beneficial to the performance and service life of the equipment. 

2. You can use the cleaning solution to complete the cleaning work, to thoroughly remove the dirt, so that the cooler can normalize. Therefore, the operation is simple and it is easy to realize.

The air-cooled and water-cooled screw air compressor coolers have their own cleaning methods and steps. If making the comparison, then the water-cooled type is simpler, and the operation steps are fewer.

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