The operation requirements and application range of the hydraulic oil cooler

- Nov 06, 2017-

The application range of the hydraulic oil cooler is very wide. The equipment acts as the medium of force in the rotary drilling rig, excavator, air compressor, paver, stand pump, trenchless equipment, trench-hoe, road roller and pile driving machine.

The hydraulic oil cooler products are mainly used on the circuit of the hydraulic system. In the use, the high temperature oil of the hydraulic system will flow through the equipment, in the heat exchanger and forced flow of cold air to conduct efficient heat exchange, so that the oil temperature will be reduced to the working temperature, so as to ensure that the main engine can continue to operate continuously, so that the work can be carried out smoothly.

The power device and application range of the hydraulic oil cooler:

The working pressure of the equipment is 1.6 MPa under normal conditions. According to the user needs, design the maximum working pressure is designed to be 5 MPa. The maximum temperature of the hydraulic oil allowed  is about 120 degrees. Its power plant is AC 380v AC motor AC 220v, hydraulic motor 8 ml/r ~ 12.5 ml/r, DC motor Dc24v, DC12v and so on.

The installation of the hydraulic oil cooler:

In the process of installation, the hydraulic oil cooler will generally be on the return line of the system. Its large equipment or hydraulic system with severe heating will be installed with a separate cooling system. And the cooler is the core part of the cooling system.

The function of the hydraulic oil cooler:

The main function of the cooler is to maintain the heat balance of the hydraulic system so that the temperature of the system is kept within the specified range. The temperature range is 35 ℃ - 55 ℃. When the temperature is higher than 55 ℃, the cooler will start, and the oil temperature will be reduced. The hydraulic equipment used in the south of China generally requires the cooling system, otherwise the equipment will be damaged due to too high temperature in summer.

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