The principle of in situ cleaning

- Jul 13, 2017-

⑴ When the heat exchanger is still hot, with pressure, carrier liquid or is in operation, never open the heat exchanger.

⑵ must always use the water for flushing operations. (Water should not contain salt, no sulfur, no chlorine, or iron ion concentration is low).

⑶ If steam is used as a sterilization medium, the steam temperature of the treated gasket should not exceed 132 ℃. The steam temperature of the EPDM rubber gasket should not exceed 177 ℃.

⑷ If chlorine solution is used as the cleaning medium, try to use the solution with the smallest concentration at the lowest possible temperature. The time to clean the plate with this solution should be as short as possible. Solution concentration of chlorine can not exceed 100 × 10-6, the solution temperature must be below 37 ℃, the plate and the solution contact time can not exceed 10min. The following is recommended on the concentration, temperature, and cleaning time.

⑸ The cleaning solution must be kept in circulation with a centrifugal pump.

⑹ do not use hydrochloric acid to clean the plate.

⑺ After cleaning the plates with any type of chemical solution, the plates must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

⑻ The cleaning solution must be concentrated before the water circulates through the unit. Never pour these solutions in the water cycle.