The role and system composition of the hydraulic oil cooler of the excavator

- Jul 29, 2019-

Excavator hydraulic oil coolers are generally installed on the system return line. Large equipment or hydraulic systems with more severe heat are usually equipped with a separate cooling system. The cooler is the core component of the cooling system. The main function of the excavator hydraulic oil cooler is to maintain the heat balance of the hydraulic system so that its system temperature is kept within the specified range.


Generally, this temperature range is 35 ° C -55 ° C. When the temperature is higher than 55 ° C, the cooler is started to lower the oil temperature. Hydraulic equipment used in southern China generally requires a cooling system, otherwise the summer equipment will be damaged due to excessive temperature.


Excavator hydraulic oil cooler is mainly composed of refrigeration system, oil circuit system and control system. The refrigeration system consists of one or two independent compressor refrigeration systems, each of which includes a compressor, a condenser, a condenser fan, a thermal expansion valve, a plate heat exchanger, and a refrigerant line.


The r22 strong cooling mode has an independent circulating oil pump, which can suck the oil in the oil tank of the oil cooler to the plate heat exchanger in the refrigeration system in the oil cooler for cooling, and then send it back to the fuel tank for continuous circulation.