The structure of the fan grill is simple and the production requirements

- Sep 09, 2017-

Fan grill in the process of making the main use of flat steel and twisted steel welded together in the use of the engine if the radiator is too high water temperature alone can not fully heat the heat, the fan will automatically start auxiliary cooling, The direction of the fan flow is also backward, after the heat of the air temperature rise from the rear of the engine cover near the windshield position.

Fan grill in the production process of its product area and weight are required to be calculated, the product through its package and hot-dip galvanized surface treatment, the weight will increase. For general industrial platforms, increase the weight of 12 to 16%, in the absence of drawings, according to the size of the user to provide processing, the area for the actual payment of steel grating, the number of steel multiplied by the length and width of the sum, it contains openings and cut parts.

Fan grill.jpg

The area is designed according to the total external dimensions of the drawing. It contains the opening and the cut part. For the area of the steel grating of the profiled steel, the area of the total number of blocks (L) x Width (W) calculation, do not deduct the cut part.

Fan grill in the process of design and its structure is light and less material, the whole structure of the equipment is light and easy to lift, the product is not used in the rain, dust and snow, due to good ventilation, the case of wind and wind resistance, reduce wind damage.

Fan grill design is very simple, do not need to use a small support beam, the entire structure of the device is simple and superior performance, ventilation, lighting, heat, explosion, good slip.

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