Transmission Oil Cooler Principle and Performance Characteristics

- Aug 26, 2017-

Oil cooler, which is a lot of applications and applications, such as some mechanical equipment, as well as automotive, steel, wind power and aerospace and other industries. If it is for the transmission, or mainly to let the oil in the transmission cooling cooling, then it can be called the transmission oil cooler. So, for this kind of oil cooler, the following will be described in order to let everyone familiar with it.

transmission oil cooler

1. What is the specificity of the transmission oil cooler?

The transmission oil cooler, which in essence, is an oil cooler, so it is with the ordinary oil cooler, in principle, is almost the same, but it is mainly for the gearbox this one.

Ordinary oil coolers, which are, in a professional sense, are an oil cooling device commonly used in hydraulic and lubrication systems. Use it, you can make two kinds of temperature difference between the fluid medium, through the heat exchange to reduce the temperature, thus ensuring the normal operation of the system or equipment. The transmission oil cooler, which is almost the same, is to achieve the purpose of cooling the oil cooling in the box.

2. What are the performance characteristics of the transmission oil cooler?

transmission oil cooler, its performance characteristics, mainly have the following are:

(1) because of its wide heat transfer area, therefore, compared with the smooth heat transfer tube, in the heat transfer effect, it is necessary to greatly enhance. In addition, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the integration of the heat transfer tubes can be realized.

(2) the operation is simple to use, and is not prone to leakage and other issues, therefore, is very good to ensure the use of the effect. In addition, if necessary, you can also configure the partition and other components to ensure that the oil cooler heat transfer effect.

3. Transmission oil cooler, its installation and disassembly, whether it can do it yourself? In addition, can it have a control circuit?

The transmission oil cooler, its installation and disassembly work, is recommended to find a professional person to carry out, which can guarantee the quality of the work and let the transmission oil cooler play its due role and effect. And it is possible to have a control circuit, so that it can be well controlled, thus, to avoid the emergence and generation of some problems.

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