Treatment steps for slightly leaking ammonia in the air-conditioning center cooler of the equipment room

- Mar 27, 2020-

1. Urgent shutdown of low-pressure compressor;
2. Quickly close the liquid supply valve and coil inlet valve in front of the solenoid valve or float valve;
3. Open the intercooler drain valve and drain bucket inlet valve to drain liquid to the drain bucket;
4. Turn on the high-pressure compressor to spare time;
5. Close the drain valve after draining for 20min;
6. The high-pressure compressor stops after taking time out;
7. For repairs, if welding is required, report it to the safety production management department for approval, and perform it on the premise of ensuring safety;
8. Pressure test, normal production can resume after passing;
9. Perform air release immediately after normal production is resumed;
10. Keep a record.