Universal Radiator Fan Shroud Classification

- Jan 30, 2018-

Universal radiator fan shroud in the design model This is a radiator fan cover design model, mainly by the fan, blades, grille and control devices and other components. Fan head, including motor, before and after the end cover and shaking head air supply agencies.

Universal radiator fan shroud according to purpose

Axial flow fan cover, industrial fan cover, civil fan cover, air conditioning fan cover, motor fan cover, hair dryer net cover.

Universal radiator fan cover according to the material points

Iron fan cover, stainless steel fan cover.

Universal radiator fan cover surface treatment

Galvanized fan cover, chrome fan cover, color blunt fan cover, dip fan cover, spray fan cover, polishing fan cover.

Universal radiator fan shroud materials and processes

Fan cover is made of low-carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire 201,304,316, etc. by bending, fine grinding, surface treatment and other processes completed.

Universal radiator fan cover surface treatment

Fan cover surface treatment are generally dip, electroplating, hot dip, spray; electrolytic polishing.

Universal radiator fan shroud handling features

Beautiful, solid solder joints, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, easy to clean.