Usage and maintenance methods of truck charge air cooler

- May 31, 2018-

The truck charge air cooler uses a turbocharger to pressurize the fresh air, cools it through a cooler in the pipeline, and then enters the engine cylinder through the intake manifold and the intake valve to reduce the air temperature entering the cylinder. Engine power and reducing harmful substances in exhaust emissions.


This type of truck charge air cooler generally consists of corrugated aluminum heat sinks and heat-dissipating pipes. This is a structure similar to the engine cooling water tank. It has high heat transfer efficiency and can cool the charge air temperature to 50-60°C. In order to ensure a good cooling effect and a long service life of the equipment, the truck air cooler must pay more attention during inspection and maintenance.


First of all, we must regularly remove dust and particles from the air filter and the filter element, so as not to affect the air intake volume and cooling effect of the truck air cooler. At the same time, regular inspection of turbocharger turbine rotor end and pump wheel end with inorganic oil seepage to prevent it from entering or adsorbing in the truck air cooler heat pipe, causing air dust to adhere to the heat pipe wall, affecting the cooling effect or gradually plugging heat sink.


Under normal circumstances, truck air coolers are installed in front of the water tank. Therefore, dust or sundries on the windward side of the equipment must be cleaned regularly; and whether or not the connection pipelines are firmly connected and broken. In short, during the use and maintenance of truck air coolers, they should be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the user's manual.


The truck charge air cooler can be fitted with a radiator radiator, installed in front of the engine, and cooled by the suction fan and the wind through the truck. The method of cleaning during maintenance of the equipment is to flush the water from the top down or from bottom to top at a low angle to the plane of the truck's air-cooled cooler with a less-than-high-pressure gun.


If the exterior of truck charge air cooler is stained with oil, it can also be cleaned with alkaline water by soaking the oily area in the lye and removing it with a brush until it is clean. After cleaning, dry the air in the truck's air-filled cooler with compressed air or allow it to dry naturally.