Water Cooled Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger performance and advantages

- Feb 08, 2018-

Water Cooled Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger in the use of mainly water as a medium and oil for heat exchange, the main advantage of the work is the cooling effect is better, so that you can to some extent to meet the relatively low oil temperature requirements, Water-cooled oil cooler is divided into tube oil cooler and plate oil cooler.

Water Cooled Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger lubrication system and hydraulic system when the various mechanical equipment on a very important part of the hydraulic system in the process of work, the need to maintain its high pressure and will produce a lot of heat, after a long time its oil Temperature will rise, if not in a timely manner to the heat emitted, will lead to the aging of the sealing system components, in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit, the oil temperature must be controlled within the specified range.

Water-cooled oil cooler performance

1. Wide heat transfer area: Water Cooled Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger pipe with copper pipe thread design, the contact area is wide, so the heat transfer effect is higher than the average smooth heat transfer tube.

2. Good heat transfer: heat transfer tube integration, so the heat transfer is good and indeed, there is no spot welding heat loss caused by the poor.

3. Can be suitable for large flow: heat pipe count decreased, the use of fluid smooth area increases, and can prevent pressure loss. With partition guide flow direction, can produce bending flow, growth process, to play an effective.

4. Good heat transfer tube: the use of a good thermal conductivity of 99.9% pure copper, cooling pipe for the most suitable for cooling.

5. No oil leakage: Due to the integrated design of the pipe and the body, it can avoid the trouble of mixing the water and the oil, meanwhile, the tightness test can be done before leaving the factory, so the purpose of leakage prevention can be achieved.