Water to Oil Heat Exchanger Cleaning Work

- Aug 07, 2017-

As with other equipment, we also need proper maintenance and maintenance during the use of water to oil heat exchanger. This will help its performance to be more fully played. And in the maintenance process, one of the important part is to do a good job on its cleaning work. So, do you know how to finish the water to oil heat exchanger cleaning operation?

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Correct and reasonable cleaning can not only effectively improve the use of water to oil heat exchanger performance, in a sense can also extend its use of time. Therefore, as a user, we should pay attention to this problem, and to seriously complete this work. So, how do you clean it? In fact, we have adopted a variety of traditional cleaning methods, such as mechanical methods, high pressure water methods and chemical methods.

However, these methods have some shortcomings, the main problems are: 1, these methods can not completely clean the water inside the water to oil heat exchanger scale; 2, can not completely remove the cooler inside the sediment; 3 , If the use of chemical cleaning methods, then there may be a certain degree of corrosion of the equipment; 4, if not timely chemical solvents clean, then the residual material will produce secondary corrosion problems.

If the situation is more serious, and even cause the risk of water to oil heat exchanger scrapped. And the resulting cleaning solution also contains a large number of toxic substances, which will cause pollution to the environment. At present the market has emerged a more advanced does not produce corrosion, and safety and environmental protection of a cleaning agent.

In contrast, this cleaning agent due to the addition of a certain amount of special ingredients, so the use of this cleaning agent can not only effectively remove the water within the water to oil heat exchanger, and will not produce any adverse effects. This will not only ensure the life of the water to oil heat exchanger, but also very safe and environmentally friendly.

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