What are the influencing factors of the use of car radiators?

- Jul 13, 2019-

When the car is running, it will generate a lot of heat. Converting this heat is a very important part of the safe driving of the car. The function of the car radiator is to convert the generated heat to ensure the safe operation of the car. When designing a car, consideration should be given to mechanical engineering, ergonomics, and aerodynamics. Therefore, the use of the car radiator also determines the safe display of its functions.


The heat pipe is a component on the radiator of the car. It is subject to problems such as material and use. As the car is used, the pipe wall becomes thinner and leaks. This is something that needs attention during use. The main hole of the heat sink and the heat pipe should be closely matched during stamping.


When the radiator of the automobile is assembled for the parts, the heat pipe cannot be inserted into the main hole for various reasons, and the heat pipe insertion damage may not be completely welded during the brazing process. The control of the brazing temperature is also the main factor to ensure that the main piece and the heat pipe do not leak. The leakage of the seal of the automobile water chamber is worn during long-term use, causing it to be damaged, thereby affecting the sealing of the water chamber.