What is the advantage of aluminum combine radiators?

- Jan 20, 2018-

In fact, the aluminum combine radiators structure design is more unique, it can be divided into upper and lower two header. And the upper and lower two header boxes contain two or more headers. The two adjacent header pipes are generally connected by a connecting pipe, and each heat dissipating unit of the aluminum column and air-core combined radiator comprises at least two flat water channel pipes.


In addition, two or more cavities are also included in each waterway tube of the aluminum column airfoil radiator, and a convection cavity is formed between two adjacent water channel tubes. In the structural optimization of the various cooling units, the general requirement that at least two watercourse pipes should be included. In this way, a plurality of cooling cavities and a plurality of pairs of parallel convection cavities can be formed in the heat dissipating unit.


In other words, when using this kind of structural design, it can effectively reduce the consumables of the aluminum column airfoil combined radiators, which means that the manufacturing cost is lower and the horizontal space occupied by the multi-channel structure is reduced. The length correction coefficient Become larger, improve the cooling capacity and cooling efficiency of the device.


In addition, in order to further improve the performance of the aluminum column airfoil combine radiators, based on the previous multi-channel, multi-cavity structure, in particular, to optimize the design of the fins of the outer wall of the waterway pipe, making it T Type structure, which can significantly enhance the strength of the heat-dissipating unit, while forming a plurality of convection cavities outside the single heat-dissipating unit.


In short, due to the structural optimization and improvement many times, the heat dissipation area of the aluminum column airfoil combined radiator is effectively increased, meanwhile, the outer surface of the radiator is substantially smoothed and the natural convection effect is better , So that a single cooling unit and the entire radiator cooling efficiency, thermal efficiency have been improved, and thus aluminum column airfoil combined radiator more and more applications, such as in the field of low temperature heating, tall public buildings Space and intermittent heating areas can see its shadow.