What is the aluminum intercooler used for?

- Apr 08, 2018-

The role of the aluminum intercooler is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine. The reason why we must reduce the intake air temperature, first of all, we actually need to pay attention because the temperature of the exhaust gas emitted by the engine is quite high, and the heat conduction through the supercharger will increase the temperature of the intake air. In addition, the density of the air will increase during the compression process. At the same time, the temperature of the air discharged by the supercharger will also increase. As the air pressure rises, the oxygen density will decrease, which will affect the effective charging efficiency of the engine.


At this time, if you want to further improve the gas filling efficiency, you need to reduce the temperature of the gas inlet, you need to use an aluminum intercooler, and there is data that every 10% of the temperature of this pressurized air is reduced at the same air-fuel ratio. Engine power will increase by 3% to 5%.


The reason why the aluminum intercooler is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine is to pay attention to the fact that if the cooled charge air is introduced into the combustion chamber, it will not only affect the efficiency of the engine's inflation, but also it will easily lead to engine combustion. The temperature is relatively high, so it will also cause a malfunction such as knocking. At this time, it will also increase the NOx content in the engine exhaust gas and cause air pollution.


As mentioned above, in order to solve the adverse effects caused by the increase of air temperature after pressurization, it is necessary to install an aluminum intercooler to reduce the intake air temperature. Furthermore, the addition of an intercooler can reduce the fuel consumption of the engine. When it is actually used, it can improve turbocharger matching and adaptability.


The aluminum intercooler can also improve the adaptability to altitude. At high altitudes, the use of aluminum intercoolers can use compressors with higher pressure ratios, which allows the engine to get more power and improve the car's adaptability. However, in actual life and production, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that aluminum intercoolers are generally only seen on cars equipped with superchargers.