What is the reason for the high water temperature in the water tank of the excavator?

- Mar 20, 2020-

1. The hydraulic oil radiator or water tank is severely clogged. The excavator operates in harsh environments all year round, so there is often a lot of dust and small debris blocking the outside of the hydraulic radiator and the water tank radiator. Especially the hydraulic oil radiator has a few leaks The oil phenomenon is simply blocked by the radiator of the water tank in the back (dust is directly attached to the hydraulic oil), so we must pay attention to whether there is any oil leakage from the hydraulic radiator. Because the electric fan of the engine of the excavator draws wind from the hydraulic oil radiator toward the engine to dissipate heat. So when the engine sucks in the wind, it also entrains the dust, which will cause the dust to stick to the leaking hydraulic radiator, which will prevent the radiator from dissipating heat well, and the water temperature will then rise! Treatment suggestion: Use a car washer to adjust the water gun into an atomized state and repeatedly spray and wash the hydraulic oil radiator and water tank until the naked eye can see the place where the dust was clogged up. Be careful not to turn the water gun into a strong water column, so as not to damage the hydraulic oil radiator and water tank.

2. Cylinder Bed Punch I wonder if we have paid attention to what the water in the water tank looks like during circulation? Can there be small bubbles? If this is the case, there is a problem with the cylinder head of the engine. Suggestion: Replace the cylinder bed. Pay attention: when installing the cylinder head, use a torque wrench to press the corresponding torque device, and do not use brute force.

3. The pump is broken. Check the pump, the engine, and then pinch the water outlet pipe of the water tank. If you feel that the pinch time is very high, it means there is nothing wrong with the pump. If you pinch it briefly, it means that the pump cycle is not good! Poor water circulation indicates that the pump is damaged. Suggestion: Replace the water pump. Watch out: Remember to put some sealant on the mat when you are using the device.