What symptoms can be seen that the oil radiator is broken

- Mar 30, 2020-

The oil radiator is broken. The heat sink may be blocked, but it can still dissipate heat, but the airflow is relatively small. Just remove the back cover of the radiator, remove the radiator, and clean the hair and dust inside.

In addition, when there is a problem with the oil radiator, it depends on whether the CPU fan under the power supply is turned on and the motherboard indicator light is on or off. Under the condition that the circuit is energized. There may be a problem with the memory module. Pull out and wipe the gold finger part and try again. It is the fault of enumerating the memory module. There may also be other problems. This thing is broken simply because the oil temperature is too high. The oil may turn white due to internal leakage. It can also cause a lack of antifreeze in the tank. Poor heat dissipation of the engine oil results in engine oil failure and engine wear.