Winter maintenance of construction machinery radiators and its core components

- Jun 06, 2019-

As a construction machinery, after careful work, it is necessary to carry out careful maintenance work to use it again, such as construction machinery radiators. In winter, the water in the radiator should be cleaned. On the one hand, the temperature of the water is lowered due to the low temperature, which causes damage to the radiator.


When the equipment is used in winter, it is necessary to warm up for a few minutes to make the equipment “active” and then proceed to the front to better adapt to the winter temperature. Replace antifreeze and antifreeze oil. Different greases are used in different seasons. In winter, the weather is cold. Using some antifreeze can effectively help the radiator to survive the winter and maintain good performance.


The core component of the construction machinery radiator - the heat dissipation belt, we use a special diamond-shaped windowless rib heat-dissipating belt hobbing tool to roll forming, the heat dissipation belt has no a rib, and the heat sink belt strength is greatly improved while ensuring the radiator wind resistance. The diamond-shaped heat-dissipating belt greatly improves the welding strength between the heat-dissipating belt and the heat-dissipating tube, and the production efficiency of the rolling forming is greatly improved compared with the stamping forming process.